Sunday, March 8, 2009

House Update

Planning for August is mostly on hold right now while we wait to see whether we buy the house we want. We put in an offer last week - which has created both lots of excitement and brief periods of anxiety (such a big decision!) - and now we're waiting to see if the bank accepts the offer. If they do, then we have a few weeks to get an inspector, assessor, etc in to check out the place to make sure we know what we'd be getting and decide if we want to make the leap.

Anyway, the reason this is connected to August planning is that if we buy the house we will have the August 1st Big Event there, so we're crossing our fingers and waiting to see how the house thing pans out before we figure out the rest of the details.

In the mean time, we cruise by the 'new' house every few days on pretty much any excuse. Having the best tacos in Ventura just 3 blocks away and our friends Josh and Kim on the next street down have given us plenty of excuses so far...

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