Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bella Maggiore Inn info

The Bella Maggiore doesn't have a website, so here's some basic information about the hotel and rooms.

We've blocked off all the rooms on the second floor (rooms 1-28, except one that was booked already) for Friday July 31st and Saturday August 1st. We'll check in a couple of months and free up unbooked rooms, but it will give everyone options for now. Feel free to book a room on the 3rd floor (or at another place, for that matter) - it was just simpler to stick with the 2nd floor because the number of rooms was right.

A quick notes on placement - keep in mind that rooms on California Street are noiser. There is a restaurant across the street that tends to go late and loud. Nothing crazy, but if you're a light sleeper, ask for a quiet room.

If you book a room here, let them know that you're coming in for the "Kallen" wedding for a 10% discount. Colby didn't go for an official two-way name change, but we did agree for the combo name for the wedding. :)

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