Friday, July 24, 2009

The Plan

In case you're curious, here's some information about what the weekend will look like:

Thursday, July 30th

7p Dinner at Boccali's in Ojai with out of town family and friends in Ventura by then.

Friday, July 31st

3p – 5p Family gathering

(Paradise Pantry)

7:30p - Dinner with out of town guests (Aloha Steakhouse)

Saturday, August 1st

5p - Ceremony at A Place of Peace

After the ceremony we'll walk down to the reception (at Zoey's). It's around half a mile, and anyone who isn't wild for the walk can easily drive or bike and meet us there.

Sunday, August 2nd

9a – Brunch at Bella Maggiore with anyone interested in joining.

Post-brunch – Wandering downtown/park/beach/??? (depends on weather)

7p - Dinner at Anacapa Brewery with anyone interested in joining.

Also, here's a map for anyone new to Ventura. Pretty much everything will be downtown, which is small and easy to get around.

Most things on the map are locations for something wedding related over the weekend. The exception is the Farmer's Market. If you're around on Saturday morning and feel like wandering over, may we suggest you check out the white peaches (make sure to get a ripe one)! :)