Monday, June 15, 2009

Fashionably Late

Just in case anyone is waiting for the formal, official invitation to do any particular piece of flight/hotel/etc planning...please DON'T.

The invitations are gorgeous and, thanks to the wonderfully talented and industrious Mia (much love to Mia/Ian & Little City Designs!, were completed as soon as we figured out the details, but they will not get out to everyone for a little while yet. (We were waiting to make sure we had the ceremony space set before we put it on the invitations, so they're just going to the printer now.)

We're doing RSVP cards, but considering the timing we're probably just going to bug everyone to see who's coming, when you're coming, etc. The painful process of keeping the group list small aside, one glory to a small wedding is that this type of follow up will - hopefully - be relatively simple. If you're reading this and we haven't talked about the wedding since you got the save the date, please email Colby or I and let us know whether you're going to be able to come and, if you are, when you're getting to town & where you're staying. Thanks!

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